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Ronda with top drawers long

Ronda with top drawers long

The Ronda with two top drawers long - £390

W160cm- D60cm - H73cm


This is my two tier creation. With the main body of the table top be 120cm x 60cm and the top shelf being 120 x 19cm. With a inner gap filled with three little pullout drawers. Both front edges are rounded.

The colour of the desk in the main photo is sidewalk.

Please note: To make this desk completely stable you might need to attach the underside of the desk to a wall with brackets. If so I have provided the brackets, screws and wall plugs to do so.

Bespoke size: I’ll happily make any size you have in mind. Anything smaller than the original size will be the same price. If the size you want isn’t an option, then purchase the closest size and put in the notes what size you would like. Anything bigger please get in contact for a quote.


Colour: All my items can be supplied in one of five shades. I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible in the photographs, but please be aware that your computer or phone screen can have a significant effect on what you see.


Natural - Raw as it comes

Haytime - a light oak

Sidewalk - a dark oak

Broadway - a red walnut

Dark side - It doesn’t get darker.



Unwaxed – the wood looks stunning, but be careful with spills

Waxed – wonderful aroma, soft feel surface, and a good level of protection


Each piece is individually handmade to order, so please allow a few week or so for me to make it.


*FREE Delivery: by DHL Mail service. This is my main method of shipping out orders, and will cover the vast majority of customers who live in mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland. When your piece is ready it is carefully packed in two parcels – the table top wrapped and protected by itself, and a second box containing the legs and everything else.


Questions: If there are questions you would like to ask, then please send me an email, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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